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Free Recorded Webinar for the EU Directive on Non-Financial Information (EU Directive)

After a long period of preparations and deliberations, the European Directive for the publication of non-financial information, should now be part of the national legislation of all member states. The deadline for the incorporation of the Directive to national legislation was the 6th of December.

The Directive, as well as the national laws we have seen so far, ask large public-interest companies (listed companies to the national stock exchange markets, banks, insurance companies and other companies that are characterized as such by individual member states) with more than 500 employees to disclose relevant and useful information about their policies, main risks and outcomes that related to environmental, social and workplace issues (non-financial information).

In order to assist companies in meeting the requirements of the Directive, the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) has developed a tool that allows a time and resource efficient assessment and collection of the required information by the legislation.

Our recorded webinar on the provisions of the EU Directive, as well as on specific examples from its adaptation in various member-states.
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